We’re a Production Agency with every resource on hand so you don’t have to waste time dealing with multiple parties and unnecessary costs. At First Floor Films you’ll get a dedicated producer to see your job through and facilitate every aspect of production, no matter how big or small your project.

You’ll work with experienced people who absolutely love what they do and are here to support you at every stage of production.

Browse through our services below.



Still & Moving Footage

From a studio still through to a full scale film-worthy production, local or global, our producers will get the job done, on time, on budget. You’ll get high production values and low drama from a committed production team.

Production Management & Facilitation

Facilitate is just what we do. From inception to completion, we’re here to make sure your project runs smoothly. We’ll put forward the very best people for the job so you can concentrate on crafting your work.

Director Engagement

We’ve got specialists galore to choose from, at home and internationally. From cars to comedy, to ‘all the feels’, we can give you a raft of talent to choose from, and pinpoint a Goldilocks director who’ll be just right for your project.

Post-Production Management

The right post team makes all the difference. We work with intelligent editors who’ll bring even more to your vision, as well as brilliant sound engineers and post professionals from every discipline to make your production a winner.

3D/2D Animation

Whether you need a little embellishment or you plan on a creating a
fully animated spot, our talented animators can do everything from simple flourishes to complex virtual worlds and superbly detailed product renders.

Motion Graphics

Our specialists can add polished layers to your graphics to make sure they really stand out from the crowd, whether you need a retail extravaganza or you just want to add some flair and finesse to your supers.

Colour Grading

Whatever look you’re going for our graders are masters of their craft, using their skills to not only set the tone, but tell a story without saying a word. They’ll put you and your audience in exactly the right mood.


Our retouchers say – a well crafted image should never look retouched. From camera raw files, they will take your brand images and bring them to life with colour correction, compositing and grading. Their craft is second-to-none.

Sound Design

Our talented musicians, sound designers and foley artists can create a wall of sound to put you in the moment. We’ve also got a great roster some of the world’s best voice over artists, and can bring every aspect of your sound design together.

Original Music Composition

We’ve got years of experience working with brilliant composers, musicians and talented engineers who can create a unique sound for your offering.

Animatic Creation

We can produce high quality still storyboards and animatics so you can see what’s working and what’s not. From a simple, sequential black & white drawings to a full colour, fully realised animatic, we’ll get your sound and vision in motion.